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Why it's a good idea to take a holiday

Did you know that over 57 million days of annual leave go unclaimed each year in the UK? It's a phenomenal figure and paints a fairly bleak picture of the workplace. But it's so important to take a break and take a holiday. You don't have to go away but just taking a break is sometimes all we need to recharge our mind and bodies. So why don't we take our holidays, even if we need them?

Why don't we take our holidays?

The number one reason is the fear of coming back to a big pile of work, which I understand, however, surely, it's the duty of our employers to find someone to cover our work whilst we're away?

The second reason is being too busy. Really? The work will still be there when you get back and unless you're a heart surgeon, I'm guessing that anyone's job isn't life or death. That marketing campaign will still be there when you return so guess what, delegate it or do it when you get back from your holiday.

The third reason that employees don't want to take a holiday is a fear of what will happen to their job, whilst they are away. This says a whole lot about today's workplace. People actually fear for their jobs if they take time off. Wow, what an insecure world we live in.

Take that Holiday

If you are lucky enough to be employed that means you are paid for annual leave each year. You all get that, right? You actually get paid not to work. A benefit not afforded to the ranks of the self-employed

Benefits of taking a holiday

There are so many to list, but I am going to keep it simple.

Your brain needs a rest.

You work hard and so does your brain. Some days it probably feels like you never stop and your brain and body both feel the strain of the rigorous schedules we hold ourselves too. Take a break, your brain will thank you for it and you will come back to work, rest, refreshed and raring to go

Time with your friends and family

Remember them? The people you love the most and hopefully bring you the most joy in life. They deserve to spend time with you, you're a wonderful human being and that wonderfulness needs to be shared out, so your friends and family get a piece of you.

Change of scene is good for the soul

Nothing beats a change of scene to relax our minds and bodies. Seeing the ocean for the first time in a while, smelling the sea, climbing a mountain, whatever floats your boat, it's all good for the soul.

We are all more productive when we've had a break

It's been proven that we are all more productive when we've taken a break. Our brains need a break from everyday stresses and strains. Ever wondered why you can sometimes get a cold when you go on holiday? It's because you actually stop, relax and stresses and strains catch up with you and you actually become aware of the symptoms of being unwell, which many of us don't feel when we are busy working.

Your mental health deserves a break

This is, in my very humble opinion, the most important reason for taking a holiday. Work related stress is huge in the UK workplace. On average each UK worker takes off18 days a year for stress related conditions, that's a huge amount of lost workdays. Our mental health is directly linked to stress and anxiety in our lives. Generally, more stress equals higher mental health problems. So, you owe it to your mental health to give yourself a break. Take that holiday, wherever it is, switch off your work phone and relax.

I know I will be x

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