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Wellbeing and what does it mean for you?

There’s a whole bunch of things we can do to help our wellbeing. Mindfulness, meditation, regular sleep, exercising and eating well can all help us to feel good and look after our wellbeing. But there is another thing we can all do to boost our wellbeing, that is sometimes overlooked. Being kind and helping others.

Being Kind makes us happy

Research has shown that if we all get involved in random acts of kindness or get involved in volunteering to help others, then our wellbeing is boosted, every time. Being kind and volunteering can also lead to an uplift in our moods and a decrease in loneliness. Being kind can also help us feel more connected with others and lead to feeling more valued as a person, which is only ever a good thing. When we all struggle with our mental health it can often be because we don’t feel valued or connected to others. Feeling part of society can help us all to feel happier and being connected in a positive way is something all of us in society need right now as it can feel that we are all divided at times.

Personal Fulfilment

It’s hard to measure the personal fulfilment that someone can find from giving their time to others, or just by being kind to other, but it’s a major factor in why people get involved with volunteering, for example. If you take a trip to any organisation that relies on Volunteers you very rarely see an unhappy person.

This suggests that simply giving to others, either with your time or with a random act of kindness could help people struggling with feelings of loneliness or low moods, it can help people feel connected to others around them. Human beings are primarily social beings so being connected to others is essential to our well being.

How can I get involved?

Whether you decide to ‘pay it forward’ in a café or restaurant, sign up to volunteer with a charity, send a card to friend or make time to spend with someone you haven’t seen for a while, there are plenty of ways to start your journey to a kinder life. Voluntary organisations always welcome new volunteers, whether you choose a food bank, so you can offer practical support, or a an organisation like Cruse, to offer emotional support, volunteering will add to your wellbeing.

And you can be happy in the knowledge that you’ll be brightening someone else’s day and life up, too. Try it and feel the benefits to your wellbeing x

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