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Valentines Day is not just for couples....

Why not show love towards to a variety of people on Valentines day

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Valentine’s Day is usually associated with chocolate and flowers and romance, but it’s also a great time to show ‘love’ for your fellow workers. Celebrate the non-romantic bonds between colleagues.

By making your team feel appreciated, you can increase engagement at work and this makes the workplace a happier place.

There are some really simple things you can do to celebrate the day of love without actually being in love with your colleagues.

Here are five ways celebrating Valentine’s Day can positively impact your work environment:

Improve friendship: Celebrating together and engaging in joint activities can improve morale and boost team spirit.

Promote appreciation: Employees love to be appreciated, we all do so make a special effort to make someone feel they re appreciated.

Increase positivity: Simple team activities, like arranging quizzes craft days, etc can decrease stress levels, encourage creativity, and increase positivity

Encourage a caring environment: By celebrating Valentine’s Day in an inclusive way, this can help to develop a caring environment.

Brighten the mood: February can be a dreary time of year so some fun events can help to lift everyone’s mood.

Try some fun events at work

1. Host A Valentine themed breakfast

Grab some yummy food for the office. Decorate the table with a Valentine’s Day tablecloth, flowers, and scattered paper hearts.

2. Hand out goody bags

Fill a goody bags for every employee with a Valentine themed treat, could be chocolates, sweets and maybe a little note telling them how great they’re doing.

3. Decorate the office

Think Valentine theme, think love and think happy!

4. Start late

Invite everyone to start work later than normal to focus on themselves, partners, friends, or family. You’ll find them more refreshed and appreciated.

5. Make charitable donations

Ask everyone to pick a charity and give everyone the option to donate £10 to the charity of their choice and then the donation can be made from company funds.

6. Play Valentine’s bingo with prizes

Have a game of bingo at lunchtime and think of some fun prizes to give out

8. Offer meditation or yoga instruction

Invite a meditation or yoga instructor during the lunch break to talk about how to introduce mindfulness into your life, and finish with a session for the team.

9. Set up an Appreciation Bulletin Board

Set up a bulletin board, spread out markers, bring push pins, and hand out paper hearts with the following request: ‘Share some ways you’ve felt appreciated at work’. Leave the board up for the next week to encourage appreciation.

10. Recognize great work publicly

Think about introducing an employee recognition and rewards program to show your appreciation for employees, publicly so people know they are appreciated.

11. Provide 15-minute massages

Bring in a professional masseuse or masseur, and offer 15-minute massages. Massages are great for reducing stress and improving morale

Remember to share the love

Everyone is happier when they feel loved. If there was more love in the world and less hate, the world would be a much kinder place to be.

Have a happy Valentines day, whatever you do

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