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Stressed about Coronavirus?

Health is the most important thing to us all, your health can dictate your mood and the way you lead your life.

Hypnotherapy for relationship problems.

With an ever-changing situation created by the constant media coverage of Coronavirus it is easy to worry about the unknown. Once people begin overthinking a problem they can begin to hypnotise themselves negatively, then it becomes self-perpetuating, which can increase anxiety and so a vicious cycle can begin. There are some really simple ways to relax and put your mind at ease.

Rise above the panic that seems to be multiplying right now.

You can use these techniques can help you to stay calm and manage any worries you may have:

Take control of your thoughts and try to put things into perspective. When you think about a worry or an anxious thought try to visualise that thought and shrink it right down in your mind. Reducing the image in your mind will help you to break the habit of worrying.

It's really important to stop the cycle of worry

Write down a plan of how you can minimise your exposure to Coronavirus e.g. avoid heavily crowded places, avoid mixing with people from affected areas, wash your hands regularly. By writing a list, this should help you to feel more in control of the situation and it will also give you a clear plan in your mind.

Writing a list can help to clarify situations

Try to visualise yourself as fit and healthy. By imagining a positive image of yourself in your mind it will stop you worrying. What we see in our minds is what we become, think positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts can be very powerful

Money worries - One of the biggest challenges for people is that if they have to self- isolate, this will mean that they can't go to work. Many people don't receive sick pay or are self-employed so they don’t earn if they don't work, this can leave people financially precarious. Think of 3 things to help your finances by taking control of your spending or increasing income. If you are finances are unreliable try to use this time to make a deal with yourself to find a way to become financially secure in the future.

The Coronavirus won’t be with us forever so it’s important to manage any anxious feelings associated with the virus and put it into perspective. Stay safe and keep well

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