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Relationship blues

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The new year is in full swing but January can be crunch time for some relationships.....

Hypnotherapy for relationship problems.

You can call it the January comedown, or the breakup season, but whatever you call it, it can be a stressful time for all involved. There's something in the air after the clock strikes midnight on 31st December —and sadly that can sometimes signal the end for a lot of couples.

Some couples don't make it through the New Year

It's not just a random coincidence. People in relationships, especially where children are involved, will stick it out through the Christmas season, even if they feel that the partnership has run its course. So, instead of facing the reality that their relationship isn’t working out, it's easier to just go into Christmas festivities and pretend everything is okay. There is also the pressure not to let anyone down at that time of year.

Everything is arranged, everyone is excited so don’t rock the boat.

The Christmas Season and the New Year can also put more pressure on a relationship. All sorts of family dynamics come into play and this can add more pressure. Family can sometimes ask questions, for example, ‘When are you going to have more children?’ and other not so subtle questions, that can open up cracks in a relationship. There is also the fact that Christmas and the New Year can be a time when you spend a whole lot of time with your nearest and dearest, way more time than you would usually, which brings its own stresses. There is also the stress of being around family that can trigger feelings of unease in your relationship too.

Hypnotherapy can help with relationship break ups by introducing relaxation techniques to cope with the stress of a break up

People put their lives on hold during this time of year, just to get through it, but this can be a negative step and means that the person is not moving forward in a positive way. Then the New Year comes along and it’s a time full of new opportunities and new resolutions for life, new changes so this can be the resolve that someone needs to leave their relationship.

So if you’re feeling that your relationship has run it’s course, it could be time for you to make some tough decisions, to change your life. There will be other people making the same decisions and on a positive note, it’s a new decade full of new opportunities and a new year to look forward to. Only you can decide if the time is right to jump right into those opportunities or not.

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