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Meditation, what does it mean to you?

Meditation is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, but what does it really mean to you and what is it all about?

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There isn't a fixed formula for Meditation

Meditation can means all things to all people and it is really up to you how you approach it.

Sometimes it can just be sitting in a room, eyes closed for ten minutes and some really deep breaths. Sometimes, if we are feeling particularly stressed, we need a bit more time from meditation and we just need to be, for a while. Personally I like to take my bike out for a long ride and stop somewhere completely isolated, sit in a field and listen to nature all around me. For me, this is the most relaxing way to mediate but I also know that it's not always practical to sit in a field, sometimes you just have to go with the ten minutes you can find in your house.

Why meditate at all?

It's hard to describe the feelings I take from meditating and it's different for everyone but for me, it's a time when I can zone out from the buzz around me. I can sit there, relax and just think of nothing and trust me, this very rarely happens in my brain. I meditate if I am feeling stressed and anxiety, it really helps me. It can stop thoughts circling around and it helps to clarify thoughts for me. Another real benefit is helping your brain to focus and increase the time you can focus for. We all constantly ping pong from one subject to another and mediation can help to slow down that process

Meditation can help self awareness and lower your blood pressure

When you're meditating you become really aware of your body and your breathing patterns. You can hear each breath and hear it slow down as you relax more. This helps you stay in tune with your body and the more in tune you are, you will notice your heart rate and blood pressure, then take steps to keep them low. Your heart rate and blood pressure are both indicators of your general health so it's important to keep them in check.

You can meditate anywhere

Meditation can happen quite literally, anywhere. You could be in your lunch hour, out for cycle, at home working, etc, you get the picture. You don't need any equipment and the benefits to your mental health are immeasurable. Just sit down, close your eyes, breathe in deeply and let the everyday world slip away, whilst you empty your mind and find some peace. It's really that simple. Happy meditating.

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