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Lack of confidence after Covid? Don't worry...

We are all slowly starting to emerge from the lockdown, a bit like a tortoise after hibernating in the winter and it's perfectly natural to feel a bit nervous about life and what next for all of us.

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We are all living a new normal

The Covid 19 pandemic will quite possibly change us all for life. We’ve all been through unprecedented challenges to our lives. The way that we work and socialise has been change immeasurably and we are all finding a new way of living.

When you think about all of the changes we've all gone through, it’s no surprise that our confidence has taken a knock. It could be body-image, socialising with others, or rising to challenges in the workplace. Like anything, our confidence can wobble when we’re out of practice and life changes. Try adding in stress and the fears we are all feeling about coming out of lockdown and how we are going to live our lives in the future, and it makes sense that many of us will be feeling unsteady at the moment.

If you’re feeling anxious about returning to normal and you're worried about your self confidence then there are a few simple things to follow

Think about your strengths

Think about when you've felt relaxed and confident in your abilities. Was there a time at work when a project went really well? Or maybe a house renovation project, when you found your inner designer. Think about this situation, how it made you feel and why you felt like that. Did the people make you feels supported or was the fact that you felt passionately about something, driving you? As you start to ease yourself back to normal, try to recreate these moments.

Meditate, meditate

Try meditation to relax your mind and your body. Meditating for just ten minutes a day has been proven to help with mental health. And when your mental health improves, self-confidence comes more naturally. A mantra is also another way to connect with yourself. A mantra is a short sentence that we can repeat to ourselves that can help us to visualise what we are trying to achieve. It can help with goal achievement.

A mantra should be linked to what you want to achieve, or the things that you need to remind yourself of. You repeat a mantra anytime you feel you need to. Mantra examples could be 'I can achieve my goals' or 'I am worthy of love'

Be true to yourself

Finding Self-love and confidence is a journey for all of us and it takes hard work. It's great to share the good times but it's also important to be honest about the tough times too, life has ups and downs and by sharing both good and hard times, you can build stronger relationships with your friends.

Take a look at your social media feeds. Are you reading anger and unhappiness every day? Try filling your social media feeds with joyful, compassionate, self-loving individuals. Make sure that your online sphere is a place where you feel seen and inspired – not drained or self-critical.

Go easy on yourself

The hard truth is that confidence doesn’t happen overnight, it takes work and some self sacrifice. It takes time under normal circumstances, but we are not in normal circumstances right now so it could take longer and that's ok.

So go easy on yourself, don’t push too hard too soon. Understand what you need to feel supported and go with that. That could be a special friend who's there for you or just managing your commitments so your don't overload yourself.

However you do it, and whatever it takes, do it your way.

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