Hypnotherapy can help grow a positive mindset

Have you ever felt that you can't shake your negative thoughts? Want to try and view life more positively? We can't practise hypnotherapy right now, but we can all try a bit of Self Hypnotherapy and mindfulness

Hypnotherapy for relationship problems.

It's ok to feel sad sometimes

Society can obsess with feeling happy 24/7 and that just isn't possible. We all have down days and that's ok. However, if you start to find that the down days outweigh the up days and you find yourself dwelling on the worst-case scenarios too often, and persistent negative thinking is affecting your wellbeing, then it could be time to look at self-hypnosis.

When you first start out on your journey to positivity, it can be overwhelming, and you may find it hard to believe that you can tackle negative thoughts but making the first step is the hardest part. Acknowledging that you have negative thoughts is the first step to reframing those thoughts and viewing your life more positively.

Positive mindsets take time to develop

To start thinking more positively, is about looking at what is working well in your life, noticing what is going well but also being realistic about the challenges that life can throw at you. It's not about blindly going through life and telling yourself 'everything will be ok' because none of know that for sure. But we can think positively and be prepared for challenges that life throws our way.

Maintaining a positive mindset is all about balance, we need to balance more positive thoughts with negative thoughts. Experts generally agree this is a 3:1, positive thoughts being the 3 and negative thoughts being the 1. The good news is that even the briefest experience of a positive emotion is enough to make a significant difference to our positive mindset.

Small things can bring us joy

Even simple things can bring us joy in life, listening to our children play in the garden, sitting in the sunshine and it's important to notice the simple things in life and remember those thoughts. Hypnotherapy can help a person to think more positively

We can all get stuck in a negative thought pattern that doesn't add anything positive to our lives, but we still unconsciously give these patterns power to influence our lives.

Negative thought patterns are habits that we have learned, and any habit can be ‘unlearned’ and replaced, it takes practise and patience. Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in ensuring an automatic positive mindset becomes an everyday response.

Change your negative mindset

Your brain is constantly working to automate responses, so if we have built up a pattern of automated negative responses, we need some intervention to reframe the negative thoughts as positive thoughts. Your brains automated responses are stored in your sub conscious brain.

Hypnotherapy can help change this automatic pattern by activating those responses and then introducing them to new thoughts, by the power of suggestion and introducing new thoughts, images, ideas and feelings, to replace the old negative thoughts.

Hypnotherapy is effective in this instance because when you are deeply relaxed, or in a ‘trance’-like state, you are more susceptible to suggestion, and therefore more likely to adopt a new habit or adopt new positive thoughts.

Self-hypnosis is key

Due to the Covid 19 crisis it's not possible for many hypnotherapists to meet their clients in person so self-hypnosis is an area that we can all try. A daily dose of self-hypnosis helps you establish your new habits, thinking more positively. Self-hypnosis, allows you to enter into a deep relaxation and listen to yourself to try and make changes in your mind.

Self-affirmations can be really useful in self-hypnosis. You can use some really simple phrases like 'I reject all self-doubt in my life" or "I will embrace confidence and positivity in my life". You can choose any phrases that you like, as long as they're positive and they feel empowering.

To enter self-hypnosis, find a comfortable space where you’ll be uninterrupted for about 10 minutes, close your eyes, and let your muscles totally relax – if it helps, tense your muscles first to really feel the tension dissolve. Slow your breath and focus on its calming rhythm. It’s important to visualise yourself in a situation where you are achieving your goals, to see yourself with these new habits in place.

Now focus on repeating two or three affirmations that really resonate with you and repeat them to yourself whilst breathing calming and really focussing on yourself. It can feel a bit strange to start with but once you've practised a few times, it starts to feel really natural.

I use self-hypnosis if I ever have a sleepless night. It really helps me to get to sleep.

Techniques to try at home

You can also think about happy memories from the past, holidays or thoughts that made you happy and then use these thoughts to help you relax. Try to visualise these times and explore what it is, that most appeals to your senses. Try to imagine the sights, tastes, and even sounds that remind you of this experience. By remembering this positive experience and trying to reimagine these thoughts, you can transport yourself back to a relaxing time and relax yourself in the present.

Sometimes we can all be aware of how we don't want to feel – anxious, stressed, upset – but we don't consider how we would like to feel instead, more positively. Try to think of a positive emotion that you want to feel, love, inspiration, hope, gratitude, awe, amusement, pride, interest, joy and serenity, any of these are good. Pick that emotion and when you go into a state of self-hypnosis try to focus on this emotion and remember how you can feel this emotion and try to imagine it. Visualise a situation in which you would be most likely to experience this emotion and then 'bank' these feelings so you can call on them whenever you feel negative thoughts approaching again.

Regular practice of self-hypnosis can give you the tools to manage negative thoughts and support yourself mentally and maintain a positive mindset. Just ten minutes a day is all you need to restore some balance to your daily thoughts.

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