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Bonfire Night and phobias

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

From big bangs and huge crowds at big events, Bonfire Night can be a frightening time for those of us who suffer from phobias.

Hypnotherapy. Beat Phobias

We all know that our pets – in particular dogs – can be traumatised by the explosive fireworks and some find it strange that humans can be affected too, some people suffer from a phobia of fireworks, phonophobia or pyrophobia, a fear of fire.

Phobias can range from being low level phobias, to being debilitating for the sufferer and even if the phobia seems like a really small thing, you can guarantee that it won’t feel like that for the person suffering from it.

Phobias can be crippling and lead to anxiety and stress. People who suffer from particular phobias can really struggle at times like Bonfire Night and any big public event and Hypnotherapy can help.


Dealing with phobias is not easy but Hypnotherapists can offer valuable help and, in many cases, allow people to control or overcome their phobias and lead a normal life.

A therapist can help the sufferer identify the root cause of the phobia and enable them to react to the particular object or situation they once feared in a calmer manner when facing it in the future. The therapist can also help with relaxation and visualisation techniques to aid feeling more calm and relaxed. Hypnotherapy can help people to understand their phobia and try to explain why some phobias can feel irrational to people.

Phobias are far more common than many people realise. It is estimated that more than 11% of the population have some kind of irrational fear.

Generally hypnotherapy can help people to see a phobia in a different context and tries to demystify a phobia by gradually building up exposure to the phobia desensitising the phobia using various techniques.

A Hypnotherapist will evaluate the level of the phobia and then use a combination of techniques to help resolve it, gradually building up confidence and the ability to stay calm when confronted with the phobia.

I’ve used Hypnotherapy for a phobia of my own and the results were pretty amazing so I can speak from personal experience. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about any phobias you have and we can let you know how Hypnotherapy can help.

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