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What to do in an unstable world?

The world can feel unstable sometimes, but right now, every day feels unstable and changeable. When all of us wake up in the morning, we honestly don't know what will happen and it can create anxiety and stress in our lives. So the question is, what can we do to manage the manage the anxiety and stress that we might be feeling?

Accept that our control is limited

Generally in life we can control very little about what happens to us. We may feel that we have control in our lives, but if we're really honest with ourselves, real control is minimal. Anything can happen in life at any point, to change the course of our lives and that change can be both positive and negative. If we can accept that our control is limited in life, it can help us to adapt to change more easily. By accepting that we control very little, it can help us all to become more flexible and more accepting in life generally, which leads to less distress when life doesn't go to plan. When there are events happening in the world that are devastating to us all, it's imperative that we put these events into perspective and accept that we have very little control over these events. That doesn't mean we can't help because we can by donating items or money and helping practically. However, because we can't control actual events happening in the world it can be helpful to try and limit the anxiety we feel from those events by acknowledging our own lack of influence on world events.

Limit exposure to the news

We all want to feel connected and up to date with world events, but sometimes too much news can contribute to our anxiety. The news is on a 24 hour loop and accessible at all times, but it can be unhealthy to consistently expose ourselves to bad news. Try to limit your exposure to the news. It is possible to keep yourself informed about world events without becoming saturated and bogged down. Try to see if you can limit yourself to checking the news a couple of times a day and think about switching off the constant news feed and alerts on your phone. The most important point is never to watch the news before we go to bed.

Be thankful for what we have

It's hard to lose sight of how much we have in life sometimes but when we see events unfolding in Ukraine right now, it can help to make us thankful for our lives and the relative peace we enjoy at the moment in the United Kingdom. Even in a world full of turmoil, we still have alot to be thankful for. Give your loved ones a hug and tell them that you love them.

Take some time out of your day to fully relax

And finally don't forget to relax and take time to recharge your mind, your body and your spirit. When we feel rested and relaxed we feel more resilient and able to cope with life.

If you start to feel stressed or anxious, take as little as ten minutes out of your day, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and blow those negative thoughts away from your mind and feel your muscles relax fully and let the relaxation take over. Relaxation is the key to managing anxiety and stress, so embrace it.

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