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It's time to get humble

We need humility now more than ever. Recent trends shows that narcissism is rapidly growing in society, which isn't good for any of us. People are becoming more opinonated and entitled and this has harmed relationships and confused workplaces, increased division in politics around the Globe, and driven some families apart.

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We've forgotten how to politely disagree

It has become trickier to have civil conversations with people who have different points of view, with many of us simply living in an echo chamber of our own views and opinions. This can result in us becoming insulated from new ideas and simply reinforcing our own preferred ways of seeing the world. Some of us appear to favour a closed-mind approach to life where we are constantly seeking validation, instead of having an open mind and looking at the world in a curious, inquisitive way.

Society needs to change and we all need to accept others more readily

Humility is increasingly becoming a lost art in society. How many people do. you know who are humble? I read a quote once and it said, be humble in life, we all end up in the same size box and I find this quote a real leveller in life. We all need to think about our ability to present our ideas and views modestly to others. We need to share both praise and blame in life and take responsibility. Show some empathy and consider the needs of others. If we can all adopt this view to life, we can increase our happiness and strengthen our personal relationships, which makes us all more well rounded individuals.

Why do some people think being humble is a bad thing?

In this world where, let's be honest, we are all a bit selfish, it's become harder for some of us to retain some humility in life. Modern life has sometimes devalued the trait of humility, it can be seen as a trait of a bygone age. The world is dog eat dog after all, every man or woman for themselves. But why does it have to continue that way? Recent scientific research has begun to reveal that humility has the transformative power to change people’s lives, relationships, work, and society itself.

Humility is about seeing oneself as the right size. Not too big with an overinflated ego, but also not too small. You need to have some self awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. We can't be good at everything, it's impossible. Be open with others and be willing to accept feedback, whether that is good or bad and present your own views respectfully. Finally, show empathy towards others and have genuine concern for others and their well being.

How can we all become a bit more humble?

There are three easy steps to work towards being humble

1. Seek feedback. Start by seeking out honest feedback from people. Ask them how humble they really think you are and where you could improve, how you could be more aware, open, or empathic and be aware of your own areas for growth. It might be hard to hear this about yourself but it's essential if you want to grow as a person

2. Set aside your defensiveness. Feedback is hard to hear if it doesn't match up to your own vision of yourself. You might respond defensively by denying any wrongdoing, displacing anger on the person giving you the feedback, or projecting how arrogant other people are. Take a moment to think about the feedback and embrace this process as the chance to learn and grow as a person. Building humility takes time and effort to be this open with yourself.  

3. Focus on empathy. Empathy is the key to humility, and it's comprised of two parts: the ability to take someone else's perspective and a genuine concern for the well-being of another person. When you think about empathy, ask yourself two questions: (1) Why might other perspectives be right? (2) How would I respond if I treated the other person as if they were trying their very best? Empathy helps to break our pattern of self-focus and connect us with others. 

Try the above steps in easy stages and see how your own humility develops over time. Enjoy the changes in your life and the way you can hopefully view the world in a more open minded way. Good luck

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