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How important are our relationships to us?

We can often take our closest relationships for grants. Relationships have the potential to affect us and make positive changes to our lives. Relationships can be one of the most beautiful gifts in life because they give us all the chance to love and be loved. However, in a society where people are more connected than ever before via Social media, phones, etc, it can be harder to keep our relationships healthy.

Relationships can extend lives.

There have been numerous studies detailing how people who enjoy a healthy relationship, with their partner can live longer. This applies to both platonic and romantic relationships. There is a correlation between both types of relationships and the type of stress we all deal with throughout our lives. A strong send of community and belonging also helps us to potentially live longer. Being part of a supportive network helps people to cope with stress in life and ultimately, become more resilient in life.

Relationships make us feel happy

Relationships are fundamental to our happiness and living a fulfilled life. Relationships provide us with friends and family, who we share our lives with. People who are there for us when we need them. Relationships and friendships bring joy and humour into our lives. Relationships have been around since the beginning of time so it shouldn't surprise any of us that they play such an important part in our lives.

Relationships support to us through tough times.

Relationships provide support to get you through tough times. Having someone to help us through life's struggles can make all the difference. Family and friends are there for you, to support us when maybe others can't. If we don’t have a strong support system behind us, it is important to find one. Seek out organisations who you have an affinity with, or even social groups you find interesting and get involved, if you can.

Relationships keep us from being lonely.

Relationships should be seen as a valuable investment in your own mental health. While we all need alone time, we also require relationships and other forms of support to live a healthy and happy life. Having alone time is a necessity, but loneliness can be painful. Relationships help with any loneliness or feelings of isolation that may come up in the process of being alone for extended periods of time.

Relationships help us to relate to others.

Our lives can be amazing with the right relationships and friendships. The more we understand how relationships work, the more we can grow and learn from them. Humans are basically social beings and relationships are important for us all to feel connected and valued as people. So, if you've been neglecting your relationships, stop and think for a moment. Send that message, pick up the phone, or however you communicate with others and reach out and see that friend of relative and watch your relationship grow and unfold x

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